4 Ways To Start And Maintain Physical Exercise

Posted on January 9th, 2013

Start slowly

  • Set specific attainable goals. Once you have met them, add more.
  • Walk around the block after dinner.
  • Get off the bus or subway one stop early.
  • Use half of your lunch break to exercise.
  • Do a few biceps curls each time you take the milk out of the refrigerator.

Make your exercise fun and convenient

  • Opt for activities you enjoy - bowling and dancing are more fun than a treadmill in the basement.
  • Find a partner to exercise with you.
  • Choose times that fit your schedule.

Stay motivated

  • Vary your routine - swim one day and mountain bike the next.
  • Challenge your strength or endurance once or twice a week and do moderate workouts on other days.
  • Track your progress by recording your activity.
  • Reward your success with a new book, movie, or some workout clothes.

Keep your exercise safe

  • Warm-up before you start and cool-down when you are done.
  • Wear light-colored or reflective clothing that is appropriate for the environmental conditions.
  • Don’t overdo it - alternate hard days with easy days and take a day off when you need it.
  • Listen to your body so you stop before an injury occurs.


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