Change Your Life Balance

Posted on July 19th, 2013

1. Ask yourself “What do I want?”

Take a look at the key areas of your life and think about what you want to change or improve in your life.

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2. What do you really want?

For many people, the answer can be different - sometimes a little bit different and sometimes significantly. For example, you may say: “I want to get a promotion”. However, by asking “what do I really want?”, you may discover that what you really want is to get out of your routine that you are stuck in and have a more engaging and meaningful job. Getting a promotion is not the only way to achieve this goal. You may discover that there is more than one way to achieve what you really want.

3. What are you not paying attention to or honoring?

If you will discover that what you really want to achieve depends on the answer to this question, this means that you need to either make certain changes in your life or modify your initial goal.

Lets say that you have decided that you want to have more free time but you have a long-term habit of starting new projects because you like to take advantage of new opportunities. Perhaps you are not considering the consequences of this behavior and you prevent yourself from getting what you really want.

4. What’s the easiest step you can take now, today or this week?

Once you figure out the answer to this question, make an agreement with yourself that you will do it.

  • If you keep a journal, write it in your journal
  • If you use a to do lists, put in your to do list
  • If you prefer to visualize, imagine how and when you will do this

If you doubt the first step that you came up with, be flexible and think of a few other steps that can take you to your desired goal. If the step that you chose is reoccurring, imagine the next few times when you will take this step. How will you feel when you will realize its effect on your life? How will you feel in a week, month, and in a year? Think about a future where this step will be a part of your daily routine. What does that future look like? How does it feel?

5. How will you begin taking action and checking back regularly?

Make an agreement with yourself to check your life balance from time to time even if you do not feel the need to do so. Perhaps you will do this every month, or every six months, or every year.  By frequently reviewing your progress and your life balance, you will develop a positive habit to stay in tune with yourself. How often you check the key areas of your life is not as important as how consistently you do this.


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