CreativeLive - Launching an Online Business - Session 2 Summary Notes

Posted on December 1st, 2012

Launching an Online Business - Lewis Howes

CreativeLive Launching an Online Business - Session 2 - 2012-12-01

# The 3 Step Video Traffic Formula

Speaker: James Wedmore

  • How many of you have seen a YouTube Video? - 82%
  • How many of you have uploaded YouTube Video? - 11%

Audience are craving for something new, unique, and original but very few people are getting in front of a camera and making great videos.

Why I Love YouTube

  • 4 billion daily view
  • Youtube is a traffic generating tool in a video format
  • You can use PowerPoint or Other software to make videos
  • You don’t always have to be in front of the camera
  • Traffic from  YouTube tends to be some of the best traffic you can get
  • YouTube is some of the most convertible traffic you can get
  • They can get to know you and trust you and build a relationship with you
  • Video vs Blog post - video gets more traffic

YouTube vs. Vimeo

  • Vimeo is great for promotion
  • YouTube is best for traffic - lots of mobile devices
  • When you are consistent with your videos, you get good results
  • Video SEO - YouTube itself is a search engine on itself

Is YouTube Right For You?

  • Health/Fitness (LizDiAlto)
  • Dating/Relationships (Michael Griswold)
  • Photography Lessons (Marlene Heilema)
  • Home/Office Organizing Tips (Alejandra Costello)
  • Financial Planning (Jeff Rose)
  • Marketing (Marie Forleo)
  • Makeup Tutorials
  • Real Estate (Ian Watt)
  • How to Be a Psychic (Tana Hoy)
  • RC Airplanes (Dave Powers)
  • How to Be Like Derek Halpern (Social Triggers)

How To Get Traffic (& Build an Audience) on YouTube in 3 Steps

One of your primary goals is to get people off YouTube as fast as possible and lead the to your site.

  1. Video Optimization
  2. Video Value
  3. Video Aftermath

1. Video Optimization

  • Goal is not to make a video go viral
  • Strategy sis something that you can put in a step by step program and replicate it
  • Viral video rarely has any replicable strategy behind it
  • Uncover EXACTLY what your audience is earthing for!
  • Use Goole keywords

Step 1 Action Items

  • Find 20 RELEVANT Keywords (15,000-100,00 searches/month)
  • Relevant means that your ideal customers are looking for it
  • Example: Royalty Free Music (90k searches/month)
  • Google Keywords is one of the best places to research popular topics
  • Use global search and ignore the competition column
  • Focus on local videos only if your business is local
  • Go back to your existing videos and change the tiles so that they match the right keywords
  • You don’t have to have a perfect setup to record a video
  • App to record Skype calls - Call recorder For Skype

2. Video Value

  • Create a Unique, Relevant Video for EACH of Your Keywords
  • Don’t Know How to Make Videos? Find Someone Who Does
  • Don’t WAnt to Be On camera? Use Software That Does it For You
  • Software - Screenflow for Mac
  • Schedule a “Filming Day” in your calendar for the next 5-10 Videos
  • Consistency is important
  • Mistakes disappear with time
  • You get better and more clear
  • Just do it!


  • You have to take action and drop all the “BS” excuses
  • Apply one take only philosophy - just go wit the mistake and be authentic
  • Just get it done
  • You can even include the bloopers in the video
  • It is OK to laugh at yourself
  • People like to see authentic people
  • People want to see “Realness” and connect with you
  • Education + Entertainment is great
  • People look at YouTube videos as a TV show

3. Video Aftermath

Tell YouTube (and Google) What Your Video Is About

  1. Add your Keyword Phrase to the

     - a. Title      - b. Description (add your URL too)      - c. Tags

  1. Upload a Transcript -
  2. Get Your Video Shared
  3. Add Video Responses

Set a Consistent Schedule for your Video Broadcasting (1 video/week)

Call to action overlay

  • You can use annotations - click below to get my free report
  • Make sir to have URL in the first line of your description

YouTube ranks your video based on

  • Keywords relevance
  • Quality of the video - is there value?
  • Videos responses, comments, and engagements
  • YouTube likes interactive community
  • You can create a video response to existing videos
  • Tell people what to do - subscribe to my video or press like

Get Over Your Shyness

  • Be willing to do whatever it takes - egnite your passion
  • You have to do it so that you can have something to compare it to
  • Compare your material to your own material to begin with
  • Be yourself, be unique, be authentic
  • Professional and polished videos don’t always connect well
  • People want to see real people

Video Length Time

  • Don’t ramble
  • Get clear and to the point
  • Sweet spot - 3 to 5 minute mark
  • If you are good, you can go up to 10 minutes or more


  • You don’t need a list to get viewers
  • You need the right Keyword Titles to start
  • As a business owner or market, it is not recommended to monazite your videos
  • You want people to go to your site instead of clicking the Ads
  • Use Google Keywords tool instead of YouTube keyword tool
  • If other videos cover material that you want to talk about, check how well they are optimized and see if you can beat them with value and optimization

Existing YouTube Videos

  • Go back to each video and see how many views it has
  • Fix the keywords - Video Title SEO

# How To Become An Authority

  • Surround yourself with the most influential people in the industry and you too will become an authority
  • Find out your unique opportunity and take action on it
  • Create your hub and create compelling content
  • You need to have your own place like a website
  • Guest post on niche blogs and news sites
  • Leverage this social proof for your website
  • If you can leverage someone else’s authority, you will become an authority
  • If you don’t have a social approval logo of some kind, you will not have social proof
  • Authority logos give you a tremendous boost
  • Write a book / create the go-to product
  • Testimonials and endorsements can help a lot
  • If you don’t have a book, its harder to get into a media
  • Write a book to have a +1 on credibility
  • Write a book and become an author
  • Kindle publishing is very easy
  • Be ready when  your number is clued (share first webinar story)
  • You have to know what you are talking about
  • Promote / add value to influencers
  • Be the champion by making introductions
  • Connect people with niche based (specific) experts
  • If you solve their bigger problems, they will help you to become rich
  • You can become an authority by speaking on your topics at events
  • Speak everywhere you can to practice even if it is for free to begin with
  • Fid what they (events) are lacking and add value to them
  • To get media’s attention, you have to write for media

If you are building a business, you absolutely have to have a financial goal.

Marketing Tools

Merchant Account / Shopping Cart Options

Product Creation Tools

Other Tools

Mistakes To Avoid

  • Double check your links
  • Check your equipment
  • Use another computer to record your webinar just in case
  • Not putting enough info - what you get for your money

Converting Traffic Into Lists

Speaker: Derek Halpern

300 clicks from Twitter, Google+ and Facebook


4200 clicks from people in the e-mail list

  • Email converts better than social media
  • Email list is an asset - list of name that you have permission to talk to
  • You want to set your blog design towards conversion to begin with
  • Eliminate garbage (social media, twitter, facebook) from your website
  • Your main goal is to build your email list
  • The main point of your website is to build your email list
  • Sell your stuff through the email list and not through your site

Practical Advice

Example -

  • On your home page you want to have a feature box
  • Have a big huge op-in form
  • Opt-in feature boxes work and convert
  • Have a sign-up form at the top of your sidebar
  • Feature box first and then a sign-up form
  • Opt-in box - form where people give their email and get on your list
  • Feature box - bigger version of opt-in box
  • “If you enjoyed this article - subscribe to posts via email”
  • Test to see if a pop-up works on your site (annoying but they can work)
  • Wordpress plugin - Thesis
  • Free updates link in the navigation bar - leads to a signup form
  • If there are too many links, people do not click links (paradox of choice)
  • Simplify your navigation links

Website Design Tips

  • Passive colors - people read
  • Action colors (stand out) - people do something with them

Website Design Tips

  • About page
  • People want to know what you stand for and how you can help them
  • Example SocialTriggers
  • You can put an opt-in form - it works
  • Recommended: Use the word “you” and talk about you-customers

Three Types of Pages On Your Site

  • Content pages - articles that you write. Don’t convert so well.
  • Resources - page with no distractions. Leads to opt-in form.
  • Landing page - promise a lot of stuff. People can access it if they give you their email.


  • When you write content, try to link to your resource or opt-in page
  • Resources pages with a lot of content in them rank well in search engines
  • Write good content and send people to your sign-up list
  • Example: if you like this, I have three more strategies in a free E-book - link to an opt-in page
  • You can send them to a page with your free material
  • Opt-in page has no sidebar - option in Wordpress
  • As you get to 100 blog posts, grow them into categories on a resource page
  • You can have a number of different landing pages for different target market
  • You can have different resource pages
  • When you are creating your first initial content - name it


  • Don’t waste time with feed burner
  • Use Mailchimp or Aweber

Build A Great E-Mail List

  • Be very specific in what you do and write about
  • Example - export in conversion rate for blogs
  • When you stand for something specific, people will remember you more
  • People need to know what you stand for
  • Halo Effect - if people think that you are good at something specific, they may assume that you are good at many other things
  • Get people on your list send more traffic your way
  • It can be funny or silly
  • Build rapport with people on your list
  • Build a relationship with them
  • Your email list a prospect list
  • Sell content via email about once a month - selling pitch
  • Test results: Text outperforms HTML
  • Time: weekly content and monthly sales pitch
  • Example: week 1 - little bit info about the product, week 2 - little bit more, week 3 - the product is coming off the market tonight.

Create Great Content

  • Write an article that solves a specific problem
  • One article. One Problem. One solution.
  • Referral from real people is much better than social media linking
  • Content is more likely to go viral when it is practically useful
  • Tweeting articles sends not traffic
  • Ask people to send a link to their friends instead
  • Example: Make a video and at the end of the video ask the audience to email the link to share it with their friends
  • Things go viral when you get real people send your content with two or three of their friends
  • You want to have people be able to remember you
  • For every page you create, have one goal
  • Keep your design simple

Email Types

  • Commentary + link to a blog post
  • Register for a webinar
  • Video: 40 minute of content + 15 minute sales pitch

Ego Bait Content

  • People love the sound of their own name
  • When you write content, you can mention names of people who relate to your content
  • Find people that you respect and that have enough following
  • These people are more likely to reciprocate to your compliment
  • It is up to you to content the people you featured
  • Do not ask them to share your content
  • Just let them know about your content
  • They are more likely to share content because they want to rather than because you asked them

New Research Content

  • New research reveals…
  • Share meaningful research date from your industry
  • People love to share new, shiny, and sharable research

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