Determine Your Preparedness to Achieve a Goal

Posted on April 23rd, 2014

Before you can achieve your goal, it must be accepted by your unconscious mind. To understand how well your unconscious mind is prepared to help you achieve your goal, take out a piece of paper and draw a horizontal scale of 1 to 5.

1 ————— 2 ————— 3 ————— 4 ————- 5

Take a pencil or a pen and place your hand so that your elbow is firmly placed on the table and your arm rests on your elbow.

Hold the pen in the air above number 3 and raise your eyes at an angle of approximately 15-20 degrees. Read your goal statement and add each of the statements in sequence.

As you read each statement, allow your hand to move to the corresponding number on paper to determine how much your unconscious mind agrees with the statement. The lower the score, the less likely you intuitively agree (believe in) with the statement.

  • A. This goal is desired.
  • B. This goal is worth achieving.
  • C. This goal is achievable.
  • D. What I have to do to achieve this goal will be normal and natural.
  • E. The way I will live after I will achieve my goal will be normal, natural, and pleasant. 
  • E. I have all the skills I need to achieve this goal.
  • G. I deserve to achieve this goal.

Your results will look something like this:

  • A. 4,3
  • B. 3,6
  • C. 2,8
  • D. 4,5 
  • E. 4,8
  • F 4,7
  • G. 5

If you scored higher than 4 on each statement, congratulations you are ready. If you scored lower than 4 on any of the statements, you need to do some work in that area. Low score on the desire to achieve your goal means that:

  • There is an unconscious reason for not wanting
  • You don’t believe in it
  • It will make your life worse

The next step is to create a willingness to achieve your goal.


Kovalev, S. V. (2011) Neirotransforming: Osnovy samokonsultirovaniya.

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