How to Avoid Jet Lag

Posted on November 22nd, 2013

  1. Modest fasting a few days before the journey intensifies the resetting effect of meal times in the new locale.

  2. Awaken early on the day of the flight - Increase your need for sleep when you arrive

  3. Drink plenty of fluids before or during. Counters dehydration.

  4. Keep in flight stimuli low - When people at your destination sleep

  5. Meals at destination - Send your body a strong resetting signs. Morning - High in protein. Night - High in carbohydrates.

  6. Sunlight - Three to four hours of sunlight at destination. Strong resetting effect on rhythms.

  7. Physical Activity - Sleep, rise, and eat according to the time of day at your destination

  8. Caffeine advances the body-clock only when drunk late in the day. Morning drink - moves it backward.


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