How To Change Your Behavior

Posted on January 15th, 2013

  1. Choose a behavior that you want to enhance or create a new one. 

  2. In your mind, play a movie of that behavior. Make sure you see yourself in that movie. On a scale of 1 to 10, how effective are you? 1 - not effective at all and 10 - very effective. If you give yourself a score lower than 7, it is worth adjusting this behavior and making it better. 

  3. Determine a “hero” who would be more effective in this situation than you are. This can be someone you know or even a character from a movie. 

  4. Rewind the movie back to the point where the behavior begins and pause it. Cut yourself out of the movie and insert the “hero” into the movie. 

  5. Play the movie and observe how the “hero” behaves in this situation. 

  6. If you are not satisfied with the behaviour or the outcome of the situation, choose another “hero” and repeat steps 3 through 5. If you are satisfied with the behaviour and its outcome, play the movie again and see it with more details. 

  7. Rewind the movie back to the beginning and pause it. Take the “hero” out of the first frame and insert yourself into the movie.   

  8. Watch the movie with yourself in it. Watch it 3 times. Watch it 3 more times only this time associate yourself into the movie and see everything that happens through your own eyes. Watch each version 3 times again. 

  9. Check your results. Think of what might trigger this behaviour. The situation itself can be a rigger. As you think about the trigger, what do you see and feel? Make sure that you are satisfied with the result.

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