Perception Of Reality Parable

Posted on May 25th, 2013

A lot of what we see in the world is a reflect of our subjective perception of reality.

Once upon a time a king built a beautiful castle that had all its doors and walls made of mirrors. Before anyone lived in that gorgeous castle a homeless dog walked into one night. Of course, the first thing that the dog saw wasn’t the beauty of the castle but hundreds of other dogs looking back at the dog from the mirrors.

To protect itself from all these creatures the dog bared its teeth and all other creatures bared their teeth. The dog became cautious and began to growl but the only thing that the dog heard was a loud growling echo. This castle had excellent acoustics. The dog became scared and realized that its life is in danger and so the dog began to bark as loud as it could to defend itself. The louder the dog barked the louder was the echo of hundreds of other creatures.

The next morning, when people came into the castle, they found a dead dog. The dog did not die because somebody killed it. The dog died because it fought its own reflection and died. It tried to protect itself from hundreds reflections of its self.

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