Savoring - Mindfulness Exercise

Posted on January 10th, 2013

Savoring involves beginning the moment’ and ‘taking in’ all that a sensory or social experience, a feeling or a memory, has to offer.

  1. Every day for the next week, allow yourself to savor at least two experiences. Some ways you can savor pleasure include: sharing it with others, building memories, congratulating yourself, sharpening your perceptions or letting yourself become totally immersed in sensation.

  2. Allow yourself to spend 2 to 3 minutes savoring each experience.

  3. On the table below, write down the experiences you savored and how you chose to enjoy them.

Experience Savored

(1.) Someone thanked me for listening to them talk about their jday.

(2) I had a piece of chocolate I would normally just gobble up.

How did I savor it?

(1) I took o moment to write in my journal about the pleasure this experience gave me.

(2) I took time to mindfully experience unwrapping, seeing, smelling, and tasting the chocolate.

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