Tantra - Touch Awareness

Posted on July 17th, 2013

Book notes from: Tantric Sex by Kavida Rei (Amazon.com)

When you are the partner being touched, try and feel the exact quality of the touch your partner is giving you. Notice the intent and message in the touch, if it is gentle and tender or erotic and playful. Learn to keep your awareness on the touch and respond with your body, and don’t filter it through your mind. Let your body respond. This tantric touching will begin to feel like making love. 

  1. Sit opposite each other, and namaste your partner. 

  2. Decide who will be the initiator, yang, who determines what happens, and who will be the follower, yin, who puts their own wishes aside for the time they are in this role. 

  3. Yang begins to touch yin in the way in which he or she would like to be touched. Yin gives back the touch she is receiving. It might take a few moments to respond in the same way, but soon your reaction times will speed up, so that you touch simultaneously. 

  4. Yang should keep the touches slow and flowing so Yin can follow easily. Try not to make sudden movements, as this would mean Yin would need to focus more intently. 

  5. Think about the touch you desire, and touch your partner in this way. Emphasize any features that are missing in the response, for example, if your partner is going too fast, make very slow movements. If you need to speak, don’t criticize, simply ask calmly and kindly. 

  6. After about seven minutes, change over. Continue taking turns until each of you has had three turns. You can follow this meditation with lovemaking if you both desire.

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