Tim Ferriss and Ramit Sethi on Success, Marketing, and Productivity

Posted on December 7th, 2012

Live webcast Ramit Sethi and Tim Ferriss - 2012-11-21

On Productivity

  • If you feel that you don’t have enough time, it means that you don’t have priorities. Clearly define your priorities. What are the 2-3 highest leverage priorities that you can do now?
  • Do an 80/20 analysis. Schedule it regularly. Every two weeks.
  • Rituals - you have to preserve your decision making.
  • Rebalance yourself and your life biweekly.
  • The most important thing that you need to do is usually the one that you have been putting off the longest.

On Success In Life

  • Success = Achievement + appreciation
  • Building skills and wealth is completely different from protecting skills and wealth.
  • When modeling the Masters, copy how they got there not what they are doing now. Example Richard Branson’s book – Losing My Virginity.
  • Examine your rate of progress.
  • Good question to ask successful people: “When you doubt yourself, what is your self-talk?”
  • Expect adversity as a growth opportunity. Buddhist approach.
  • Putting off the uncomfortable conversation makes it worse.
  • Focus on creating evergreen content that is useful not only today but in many years to come.
  • Focus on the timeless principles rather than tactics.
  • Read Amazon.com customer comments to get a good insight about ideas and products.

Living A Rich Life  

  • For Tim Ferriss, living a rich life means having long dinners (1-2) weekly with 2 or 3 close friends.
  • Schedule your fun weekend by Tuesday every week. If its not on your calendar, it’s not real.

Recommended Books

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