Movies, Documentaries, and Videos

Recommended Books

Educational Video Sites

  • TED Talk - Ideas worth spreading

  • TED Ed - Lessons Worth Sharing

  • - Videos of the world’s top thinkers

  • CreativeLive - Free live online workshops taught by world class experts.

  • Academic Earth - Online courses from the world’s top scholars

  • Big Think - A forum where top experts

  • Conscious Media Network - Conscious Media Network is your source for alternative news. Start discovering all of the alternative news stories that mainstream media will never cover

  • Brain Rules by John J. Medina - is a multimedia project explaining how the brain works in plain English


Free Online Education

  • Coursera - Social entrepreneurship company partnering with 33 top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.

  • Khan Academy - Fee world-class education in various subjects.

  • Saylor - Free and open courses on your schedule. Find out more Start now by exploring an Area of Study below, or view all courses.

  • NovoEd - NovoEd is a revolutionary online learning platform that offers free courses from top universities.

  • Udacity - Discover free online classes from top instructors and industry experts. Take courses at your own pace. See what we have to offer.

  • edX - EdX a non-profit created by Harvard and MIT brings the best of higher education to students of all ages anywhere in the world via the internet with free MOOCs.