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  • In person sessions are available in Toronto, Canada.
  • International clients can schedule an online session via Skype.

Counseling and Psychotherapy

There are two kinds of problems that people have, problems that cause pain and discomfort and problems that stand in the way of achieving something desirable.

The reason why you are reading this text is because you probably have a problem that you want to resolve. You may even have the desire to make changes. What you don’t currently have is a specific set of tools and strategies that can help you achieve the desired results.

The purpose of my work is to teach you a particular set of skills and a mindset that will get your from where you don’t want to be now to where you really want to get in terms of being, doing, or having.

“Who you are is but a stepping stone to what you can become”.

What kind of problems can you help me solve?

It is not the problems that cause your pain but rather the combination of dysfunctional beliefs, habits, behaviours, and thoughts. This is why I work with people rather than with problems. My focus is on helping your attain a learning experience that will help you achieve freedom from your problems and will help you get the life you want.

Before I can start working with you, I want to get to know you. I want to understand what kind of challenges you have and what are your desired goals and expectations are.

1. Pre-assessment

Please fill out the free pre-assessment form, which includes questions about your current state of things, desired goals, session date, session type, and other questions. Once I look at your form, I will let you know if I can help you.

2. Assessment Session

During the first session we will focus on clarifying your problems, goals, resources, environment, and other factors. By the end of the session we will have a list of results that will include:

  • Your intentions - what you want to achieve.
  • Instruments - how we will achieve your goals.
  • Purpose - that will help you stay motivated to get things done.

Once we agree on the goals, methods, and our general course of work, all subsequent sessions will be focused on achieving your desired results.

I will guide you from the very beginning until you will reach your desired results. The value of what I do is based on the impact I can have on your life. Unique problems require unique approach, which is why I use a vast combination of methods and techniques.

The number of sessions depends on your problem and your goals. My priority is to help you create lasting changes by teaching you how to use your mind and body for a change. The number of sessions may be extended if the problems are more complex, or shortened if the problem is highly amenable to treatment.

Sessions are usually scheduled weekly to begin with, and become gradually more spaced as you progress, with a couple of follow-up sessions after the end of our work together.

I believe that you can use your body and mind to resolve most of the problems if you use the right tools and dedicate yourself to achieving results. I do not prescribe medication and I cannot legally advise you to stop take any medication. I can only provide you with my opinion and empower you to make your own choices.

3. Payment

  • Methods of payment include: cash, check, visa, master card and Paypal.
  • My services are covered by most insurance companies.
  • Skype sessions require payment in advance via PayPal.